Why undergo Kintaro Stem Cells / KINTARO Cells® Therapy in Japan?


Kintaro Cells Power, our company that makes these Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells®, is a Japanese biopharmaceutical company that specializes in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Up until recently, the local restrictions in performing and carrying out stem cell therapy treatments in Japan have been very prohibitive, thus clients had to be served in neighboring Asian countries instead. Under the new policy changes that the company has lobbied and worked for, it is now possible to receive the treatments right here in our designated partner clinic in Ginza, Tokyo.

We are a Japan-based company promoting this frontier science technological breakthrough all over the world, but could not perform the actual treatments in Japan until this major development in securing permission to conduct them for the general public was achieved. It is just natural to be able to finally offer these same treatments and services we offer worldwide - right here, from where the company Kintaro Cells Power is, in Japan.
Main Reasons Why Undergo Kintaro Stem Cells® Treatment in Japan?
1) Get treated with the "freshest" Kintaro Stem Cells®.
The stem cells that you will receive will be coming straight and direct from our local new state-of-the-art laboratory in Oshoro, Otaru, Hokkaido - where the Kintaro Cells Power Laboratory and Rejuvenation Village is located. Meaning, they will be the freshest ones available compared to receiving the treatments in another place or clinic. 
Hokkaido to Ginza
With only less than 2 hours by airplane away and within the day, your stem cells can reach our clinic in Ginza straight from the lab. 
2) Made in Japan Kintaro Stem Cells®. We all know what "Made-in-Japan" means.
3) Get to experience "Amazing Japan" and opportunity to travel and join our VIP Japan Rejuvenation Tour Program!
4) The Kintaro VIP Japan Treatment Package's standard is the 300 Million Kintaro Stem Cells® only - for greater healing and regenerative capacity + superior energy boost.

This product is called the Kintaro VIP Stem Cells® Program and you will be receiving a standard 300 Million Stem Cells for a powerful immune system and rejuvenation boost guaranteed to show and display miraculous results overall and improved energy levels to enjoy life in a different level.

This is an invitation for people who can afford this expensive treatment program to try to "buy back" some time that they can use to spend quality time with their loved ones and family while it is still possible and the body's ability to recover is still high. This an ideal treatment boost for those who are active and successful in their early 40s to 50s where the body starts to deteriorate a little bit here and there but not showing obvious signs yet of any major disease or complications on the surface. Why wait and regret not doing it when there is a chance, to prevent any major sickness to kick in?

For sure, the true measure of youthfulness and "being young" is the "feeling of being young" from the inside. Feeling 5, or 10, or 20 years younger can now achieved and is entirely possible.

So indeed, this is a milestone!

Thus, the launching of the new Japan inbound booking website and service here.

We are very much excited to finally open our doors here in Tokyo and welcome foreign VIP clients as also part of the enthusiastic inbound medical tourism project and initiatives of the government.

On behalf of the whole organization, we would like to welcome you to come here to Japan and take advantage of our medical tourism Stem Cell Treatment first-hand right here in the very heart of Tokyo, Japan - while having the option to avail of our premium tour packages to suit your relaxation, rehabilitation, and recovery needs!
Kintaro Cells Power Team

Our exclusive Japan premium tour guide, cultural expert, and hospitality consultant, Ikki Ocampo will serve as your concierge and tour designer to allow you to fully relax, recover and enjoy your stay while you are in the country. His deep background in the arts, culture / cool-ture, and fashion plus his vast experiences in handling top VIPs, politicians, celebrities, and artists combined with his charismatic personality will undoubtedly make him the ideal tour guide. He will serve as your cross-cultural guide, interpreter, and translator while delivering excellent remarks and intelligent opinions regarding aspects of Japanese culture, contemporary idiosyncrasies, lifestyle, and business matters.

Please click here to find out more about the sample tour packages and other details that he offers on top of everything.

We are here happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the whole booking process for your desired treatment program and assist with your sensitive needs. Please do not hesitate to throw us your qualms and doubts and rest assured we will do our best in our capacity to satisfy your questions and clarify everything for you!


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