Why Stem Cell Treatment / Therapy?

Over 95 % of people worldwide live with some kind of health problem. As we age, sure no matter how good we are at taking care of ourselves, we still all have something that is wrong somewhere here or there inside our bodies. It just depends on the extent of health management efforts, time, and the gravity of the situation if the condition becomes a matter of something between life and death at any moment.

* The promise and true experience about having Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® treatments is like hitting a flock of birds (not just one or two birds) with one stone. That is how it can be easily metaphorized in that example, in terms of its capacity to prevent and cure many potential diseases all at the same time. That is why the regenerative effects of this treatment is very powerful and exciting.

Whether it's acne, PMS, diabetes, or kidney disease, treating these conditions weigh heavily on our bodies and our current healthcare system and economic reach. Many countries, including Japan, are facing an aging population crisis. This global trend means an increase in health problems associated with aging, such as diabetes, muscle, and heart diseases. For this reason, researchers have been looking for answers on a cellular scale hoping to tackle diseases, cure them, or at best to even prevent them from developing to become irreversible which would probably need invasive medical procedures to address the problem. Stem Cell based regenerative medicine is gaining significant attention both in Japan and all over the world - inspiring doctors and researchers to find creative ways to prevent the onset of sickness and improve medical conditions without the need for expensive, time-consuming (long downtime), and possibly invasive surgery or procedures.

Stem cells duplicate themselves for life. So the more stem cells we have, the younger we can feel and can "be". But the reality is that as we age, we lose the quantity and quality of the stem cells present in our bodies and there is no other way to go but to age until our bodies become weak and we die. They are the special cells in the body that can duplicate and transform into other cells (e.g. bones, muscles, skin, organs, etc.). When the body is injured, stem cells are activated. These unique cells travel to the area that is injured, in the process called "homing", and start working on transforming the damaged cells into new ones. We are now living in an age where rapid developments in this field can actually increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life.

Older people who experience injuries or suffer diseases find it difficult to recover because the ability of their stem cells to differentiate and proliferate is on the decline already. Theoretically, if we could add or infuse a body with a set of healthy stem cells, then in time, it can repair itself, regenerate and heal the damaged cells which leads to a healthier state and condition. Since stem cells are considered the "roots of all cells", thus the name itself - "stem", we can expect the body to become younger and act as such - which is the true meaning of anti-aging.

Literally speaking, if our bodies can become stronger and younger as they used to be, we can feel and look younger. This is exactly what the Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® is doing to the body. The beauty from the inside is transformed into the beauty on the outside.

This is it!

The fountain of youth!

Stem cell therapy acts as an effective and successful treatment option for most patients. Even with its initial high costs, compared to the cumulative cost of non-therapeutic procedures that have not been proven to cure or help specific medical deficiencies, it becomes more of an advantageous treatment option. For long-term health improvement, the most clinically beneficial and cost-effective strategy in the general population is disease prevention. Preventative measures can help avoid the medical, emotional, and financial burdens patients currently face. This is where Stem Cell treatments really are expected to be game-changers in the way we handle and manage our health.

Age-defying biotech right?

Doesn't it sound cool?

Besides, if given the chance, who wouldn't want to become younger anyways?


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