What are exactly Kintaro Stem Cells® or KINTARO Cells®?

The term - Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® - is the product brand name of Kintaro Cells Power, a leading biotech company in the world that specializes in cultivating and making bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells from healthy young donors for therapy treatment. Simply put, KINTARO Stem Cells® are cells born from the combination of the best of the best of Japanese and Russian biotechnologies. The research and development of KINTARO Stem Cells®  is based on more than 50 years of Russian research, which is a country that is known to be far ahead in the stem cell research fields. Additionally, we have combined this research with the advanced cultivation technologies and patented manufacturing methods by stem cell researchers in Japan, which is a country highly advanced in the sphere of regenerative medicine. Through this collaboration, we have developed the immensely powerful KINTARO Stem Cells®, which are bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells.

The unique features and effects of KINTARO Stem Cells® - mesenchymal bone marrow derived stem cells obtained through patented technology.

• It can differentiate into various cells
• Collected from young and healthy donors
• Has a CD34 (-) surface marker

KINTARO Stem Cells® are extracted and cultivated from young and healthy donor stem cells and are supplied all over the world for medical use. It is currently being enjoyed in many Asian countries as a treatment for various and rare diseases, disease prevention, anti-aging, post-surgery recovery, etc. So far, we have performed more than 3,300 treatments at local institutions, clinics, and hospitals.
What are Kintaro Stem Cells®
Kintaro Stem Cells® Japan
The safety and efficacy of Kintaro Cells Power's Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells have been confirmed with over 1,100 clinical trials and 45,000 patients worldwide with no documented side effects.

Advantages of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells:

Stem cells are cells that are naturally occurring in the human body and have the ability to transform. Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells are the most common type of stem cells. They are capable of transforming into cells such as muscle, skin, fat, cartilage and bone tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. In addition, they have regulatory functions to maintain an ideal balance of the immune system. It also has the ability to secrete the necessary nutrients for rapid repair of damaged areas. By experience, it has the ability to help the body fight even against COVID-19 and increase immunity to fight off other strong diseases and conditions.
Would like to see how the procedure looks like?

In this video below, Dr. Igor Miliaiev, the regional deputy director of medicine in Kintaro Cells Power Corporation, demonstrates and explains the whole process of cell administration.

Kintaro Stem Cells® use mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow, extracted from vetted healthy donors. Live cells are cultivated in our laboratories and injected fresh in the recipients within 48 hours of harvesting.

How Kintaro Stem Cells® work in the body?

Kintaro Stem Cells® have a pathotropic effect, travelling straight to the damaged organs and tissues and repairing them. Their ability to produce a different system’s stem cells and differentiate into cells of different adult tissues (e.g. bones, cartilage, adipose tissue, muscle) makes Kintaro Stem Cells® the right choice of cells for renewing your body.

The three methods of administering Kintaro Stem Cells® treatment are the intravenous method, local administration and exterior application of Kintaro Enriched Medium on the face and body. While these are various methods of treatments, the best results as observed over the 1200 stem cell treatments provided to patients in Southeast Asia is derived from the combination of all three methods of administration.
One of the choices you can now make to possibly improve your health is undergo treatment with the Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® Japan VIP Rejuvenation Program. Consult with us on for a detailed program for your specific needs and medical attention.


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