Price and Treatment Flow: How Does It Work?



1) Eligibility 

After you receive (we give you) an adequate explanation about Kintaro Stem Cells, we will assess and confirm your awareness of the whole treatment program. This will be done by a thorough conversation either via email or the phone by one of our representatives or by Ikki himself.

Then, we will have to determine whether you are eligible based on our internal company standards for stem cell treatments.

* Please do fill up the form here below and let us know your current situation and describe your health and let us know what bothers you and expectations as well.

2) Budget

Consult with us regarding your budget and expectations. If you need special assistance for optional airport pickup/send-off and customized Kintaro VIP ("Ikigai Japan") tours, please do mention it as well and let us know your projected itinerary and plans.

For clarification purposes:

JAPAN-ONLY KINTARO VIP Stem Cell Treatment session: (No Downtime)

1 vial containing 300 Million Stem Cells

1 treatment session (retail) price: $30,000 USD.
3 treatment sessions (One-time Payment Package) price: $85,000 USD (cost-effective and best results - discounted price)

*To enjoy, feel, and experience the full benefits of this revolutionary "Fountain of Youth" stem cell treatment program, we STRONGLY advise all first-timers to take the discounted 3 sessions treatment program with each session having an approximate 3-4 week interval between each.

After receiving the initial 3 treatment sessions, below is the suggested maintenance program for optimum recovery and health for current patients.

  • Age 40-50 years old - 1-2 times per year
  • Age 50-60 years old - 2-3 times per year
  • Age 70-80 years old - 2-4 times per year
  • Age 80 years old and above - 4 times or more times per year

3) Documents Submission, Screening and Clearance ( Preliminary Health Check Protocols)

Once you are cleared and deemed eligible for the treatment, we will be sending you a set of documents containing below:

  • List of the laboratory tests that are needed to be performed for official clearance
  • Doctor clearance and waiver form
  • Patient treatment waiver and contract (Informed Consent Form)
  • Instructions for sending payment (via bank transfer only)


Absolute contra-indications:

  • Pregnancy, breast feeding
  • Suffering from any form of cancers

4) Tentative Treatment Scheduling ( Please allow 3 weeks of booking date/s in advance )

As a protocol, we need a lead time of at least 2-3 weeks after the payment is received and confirmed ahead of when scheduling the actual treatment date here in Tokyo, Japan.

It all depends on the speed of the laboratory tests and all the clearance and documents are submitted as detailed in step 3 above.

* Final dates shall be fixed and dependent on the date the wire transfer payment is received and confirmed. Please have some leeway or extra allowance in your estimates.

5) Add-on Options and Finalization ( Contract Signing )

If you plan to book and avail of our Kintaro VIP "Ikigai Japan" Custom Tour services, please finalize all details and the scope with Ikki as well as the total costing.

Separately, here are the possible scenarios that can happen or is possible:

Scenario A:

Avail of either or both of the Kintaro VIP Airport pickup/send-off service and / or the Kintaro VIP "Ikigai Japan" Custom Tours by Ikki Ocampo.

* Kintaro VIP Airport pickup/send-off service is flat $1200 USD per one-way including car rental and other fees (Good for 2 persons). Toyota Luxury Alphard Class or Crown Class cars is possible. For other types of available cars, please inquire directly if you have any particular choice. We will give you a quote for any difference if there is.

** Kintaro VIP "Ikigai Japan" Custom Tour is only possible for bookings on any date in between the arrival and departure dates (pick and send-off). It means you can start availing Ikki's premium tour services from the 2nd day until a day before your departure from Japan. Thus the airport pickup / send-off services is exclusively offered for your convenience during the arrival and departure dates.


Scenario B:

Just avail of the Kintaro VIP Stem Cell Treatment Session / Package alone and come to our Ginza, Tokyo clinic by yourself. Basically, you are everything on your own, we will just welcome you straight at our clinic location.

6) Perform Remittance Procedure and Payment Confirmation / Treatment Schedule Finalization

Once all the details of the treatment date schedule and the additional/optional custom tour aspects are decided and  finalized, you will be sent a billing stating the total amount that you have to pay. We only accept direct wire bank transfers to our designated bank account here in Japan.

Full payment must be received before the actual scheduling of the treatment date will be confirmed. The faster the required documents are submitted and cleared along with the payment confirmation, the earlier or faster we can book your treatment date.

Once the payment clears and we are informed by the bank regarding the wire transfer, we will send a confirmation email regarding the final aspects and details of the scheduled and confirmed treatment date and schedule.

7) Come to Japan!

Based on your prior arrangements with us regarding the optional airport pick-up/send-off service, and the personalized VIP Japan Custom Tours by Ikki - after everything is all set and confirmed, please come to Japan as scheduled.

* Please take note that you will have to arrange for your flights and hotels of your choice by yourself. The Japan inbound custom VIP tours covers only the local groundwork as would be discussed in details with Ikki.



The safety and efficacy of Kintaro Cells Power's Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells has been confirmed with over 1,100 clinical trials and 45,000 patients worldwide with no documented side effects. Prior to the treatment, an international medical council will review your case and make personalized recommendations regarding the treatment course or program deemed fit for your needs. Please feel to consult with us everything about your concerns and allow us to sort things out for you and ultimately give the best, safest and appropriate suggestions acting in your best interests.

We are here happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the whole booking process for your desired treatment program and assist with your sensitive needs. Please do not hesitate to throw us your qualms and doubts and rest assured we will do our best in our capacity to satisfy your questions and clarify everything for you!

For more information, explanation and further details, you may reach Ikki Ocampo at WhatsApp by registering his Japan telephone number +81-80-1217-0419 or you can leave your complete details in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


The information received in this form should only be treated as a preliminary consultation and is based solely on the information that you input. Whatever results you receive must not be treated as medical advice or otherwise. Please consult your doctor before moving forward with any course of treatment.

*Please indicate sex, country of residence, nationality, age and other pertinent details in the comments section below. Please disclose all important information concerning your case eligibility for treatment screening by our medical council.

* We handle all infomation with the strictest privacy compliance measures.

We look forward to welcoming you right here in Japan soon!

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