Opening of a Modern and State-of-the-Art Stem Cells Biotechnology Laboratory in Hokkaido

The harmonious combination of modern technology and long-standing traditions is the development path that Japan has chosen. It led the country to success and prosperity. The Japanese believe that all objects on Earth, including man-made ones, have a soul. So, you need to treat them with respect.
The Japanese innovative company Kintaro Cells Power, a recognized leader in the area of cellular technologies, has entered a new stage of its development. In early October, the company opened a modern biotechnology laboratory in Otaru, the historical and cultural center of Hokkaido. Leading experts from all over the world will be engaged in research in the field of cell therapy, as well as the development of modern robotic technologies.
The highlight of the laboratory complex is the temple of biotechnology: a Shinto shrine dedicated to the god of life. In Japan, such sanctuaries traditionally are considered as portals for communication with the secret world, as well as a place to search for the meaning of life and harmony. We are confident that the new temple will attract the attention of both locals and tourists.
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