Kintaro Stem Cells VIP Concierge Profile and Japan Ikigai Tour Overview

Ikki Ocampo


Ikki Ocampo: A Tour Guide Profile and Background

My name is Ikki Ocampo and I work primarily as a private concierge, business consultant, interpreter/translator/negotiator, and also serve as a premium tour guide for some high-profile figures, CEOs, diplomats, dignitaries, artists and celebrities.

Originally, I am from Manila, Philippines and my first encounter with Japan was when my alma mater, the Philippine Science High School - Diliman sent me as the country's representative to participate in an International Cosmic Jamboree in Kansai. After finishing high school and a short stint in the University of the Philippines - Diliman Industrial Engineering department, I came here to study on a Japanese Government Monbusho Scholarship program majoring in BS Management and Finance in Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University. Without a doubt, I have fallen in love with Japan's culture and its people, convincing me to stay here for good.

I am not a regular tour guide but an extra-ordinary tour guide.

If not working as a premium tour guide for some companies, embassies, and agencies I am connected with, I work independently as a photographer / stylist / curator / creative which means I can document your stay with beautiful photos and video coverage/s by myself or with my team.

Mainly, I used to run an online shopping website curating Japanese arts and antiques mixed with premium vintage and street fashion clothing but COVID-19 had a terrible effect on my main business and I became a casualty of the pandemic. This happening allowed me to tap into my other skills and have since decided to offer my expertise, wisdom, and personality as a premium tour guide to VIP tourists and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

My life-work passion lies in curating the beautiful works of art, antiques, and contemporary fashion that Japan offers. I have worked with museum curators, top-notch art collectors, auction houses, fashion designers, and interior designers worldwide. This Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® Treatment collaborative medical tourism project is a dream come true for me - being able to introduce and gift people with the good news about the possibility of extending our passion-filled lives. It serves also an outlet for me to meet outstanding and interesting people who value time and intellectual companionship in a tour rather than just having a "tour" per se.

I am confident that by having me as your private tour guide or concierge, you will not have to worry about anything but concentrate on your rejuvenation, healing, and detoxing while enjoying what Japan has to offer.

I can drive (optional) and show you around Japan and become totally a part of your Japan experience - providing you with an out-of-the-box approach using off-the-beaten path adventures which surely will be enjoyable and lots of fun. Just think of me as the Asian version of Jason Statham in the movie - The Transporter - I do that kind of thing most of the time mainly armed with my camera. We can hike and stay in the mountains to do zen meditations together or we can go road-tripping by the seaside exploring the beautiful countryside or even take the romantic classic train hotels that will make you love Japan all the more and the rest of your vacation a very memorable one.

Personally, I enjoy witty conversations with dips of comedy and laughter here and there - while plugging some interesting facts and information about Japanese culture from the prying eyes of a long-term resident of Japan. I have been living here since I came to study for university, a total of 20 years (more than half of my life), and have been digging deep into being a Japan lover ever since.

If you are looking for an extra-ordinary experience with an extra-ordinary tour guide then you have come to the right place.

In my younger years, I was a competitive athlete and active in sports like adventure racing and team sports. In this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I would be happy to become your "sherpa" in this special Ikigai Japan Rejuvenation Journey.

When you ask for my services and inquire about customized tours, please kindly send me a clear briefing of what are your complete expectations and if there are specific places you wish to specifically visit or experience. Throw me your wishes and I will come up with the best plan to turn them into reality. Basically, I can go with you or your group anywhere within Japan as long as you shoulder my hotel and lodging costs and transportation back and forth to Tokyo. My rates for out-of-town tour gigs have a premium attached and I decide it on a case-to-case and seasonal basis, so please have some allowance when asking for a quote.

The rates shown in my sample tours here are basically for only 1 group (2 persons max). For more than 2 persons, please directly ask for a quote. There will be an incremental fee added per person and if needed, I can also arrange for a full line-up welcome escort / fleet entourage that will accompany your group all throughout the duration of the tour.

On the average, my premium private guide / tour design rate is set at $1500 USD per day (for a standard 8 hours of work and intellectual companionship). All consumables during the tour, such as transportation (train/taxi/bus/charter), food (lunch or meals), drinks, and entrance fees are to be shouldered by the hiring party or client. * Rates are subject to change without prior notice depending on the season.

Sample Scenario:

Day 1: Arrival

1:30 PM - Narita International Airport Pickup for 2 persons (Luxury Sedan Car)
4:00 PM - Tokyo Hotel Check-in

7:00 PM - Dinner with briefing and outline

Day 2: Treatment and Rest Day

2:00 PM - Kintaro Stem Cells Treatment

Day 3-4: Hot Springs Onsen Trip and Stay

Day 5: Send-off Departure

3:00 PM - Arrival at Narita International Airport (Luxury Sedan Class Car) 

Estimated Total Costs Breakdown ($ in USD):

A: Kintaro VIP Stem Cells Treatment Package (Good for 3 treatments, 300 Million Stem Cells per vial/session) = $90,000

B: Estimated Costs for the Japan Ikigai VIP Tour costs based on the sample itinerary above (per treatment):

1) Ikki's Private Concierge/Tour Fee = 3 days x $1,500 per day = $4,500
2) Airport Pickup/Send-off Service (includes car rental, gasoline, toll, and parking fees) = $1,200 x 2 = $2,400
3) Luxury Sedan Car Rental Fee = 3 days x $750 per day= $2,250
4) Gasoline, parking, and express-way toll fees for day 2 to day 4 = N/A (to be determined yet)
4) Hotel and Lodging costs for the out-of-town Onsen Hot Spring Portion of the trip for days 3-5 = N/A
5) Food (meals and drinks), entrance fees = N/A

A + B = $90,000 USD + $9,150 + NA = $99,150 + N/A

A + B = Total costs for pre-payment $99,150

*N/A = (not yet available, to be determined yet) Shall be computed during the course of the tours and shall be billed and paid on the last day prior to departure in cash (Yen or equivalent of USD)


Here are the Sample Tour Ideas and Suggestions:

1) Personalized Tokyo Family-Friendly Day Tour

2) TOKYO FASHIONISTA - Shop 'Til You Drop (Personalized Shopping and Styling Tour)

3) Saitama Bonsai Museum and "Little Kyoto" Kawagoe Day Walking Tour

4) "HYPE TOKYO" - Dope Japanese Street Fashion & Shopping Tour

5) TOKYO ART RETREAT Tour - Visit Artsy places like galleries, museums and exhibitions

6) Japanese Antique / Ancestral "Kominka" House Cafe Tour

7) TOKYO Night Life / Bar-hopping Tour w/ Deep and Intellectual Conversation/Discussion and Dinner

8) "Japan Pickers Style" - Japanese Arts and Antiques Shopping / Flea Market Tour

9) Japanese "SUKAJAN" Souvenir Jacket - Shopping and Styling Tour

10) TOKYO Paparrazi - Your Stylish Photographer and Tour Guide - "Personal Paparrazi"

11) Mind-blowing "DEEP TOKYO / JAPAN" - Night Life Tour

Ikki Ocampo Reviews

Ikki Ocampo Reviews
Ikki Ocampo Reviews


If you have questions or any inquiries, please feel free to drop us a message here and let us see how I can help you make your vacation a very relaxing, meaningful, and most importantly, a memorable one.

You can also hire Ikki as a premium tour guide alone if you are still not ready for Kintaro Stem Cells® VIP Treatment program yet. Feel free to discuss your needs and ideas with him thru the form below as well.


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