Why Come to Japan for a Rejuvenation Tour?

Why Come to Japan for a Rejuvenation Tour?

Needless to say, everyone is falling in love with Japan.


The world is actually coming to Japan. Pretty much quite obvious by judging from the herds and seas of foreign tourists crowding the whole of Tokyo and the major go-to places.

As if the world is whispering that, hey, this is what we have sorely missed during the pandemic years - sniffing thru the sakura cherry blossoms while taking a generous amount of selfies and such and such.

But why really Japan? 

What is with Japan that we are all attracted to come here and we can't seem to get too much of this country?

Here are our assumptions and musings regarding the reasons why anyone would keep coming back for more and more:

1) Clean and Neat Surroundings

2) Kind and Gentle People

3) Perfect Order / Orgazanized Public Transportation

4) Well-Maintained Public Places

5) Hot-Springs!

6) Beautiful Nature

7) Japanese Hospitality and Service

8) Pop Cool-ture!

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