TOKYO Paparrazi - Your Stylish Photographer and Tour Guide - "Personal Paparrazi"

TOKYO Paparrazi - Your Stylish Photographer and Tour Guide - "Personal Paparrazi"



Glamour travel style. The focus of this tour is for me to beautifully document your travel and vacation using my side expertise as a professional fashion photographer and stylist.Think of it like as hiring a professional tour guide and a personal buddy to take your fabulous candid photos during the tour. Perfect for bloggers, content makers, and celebrities.

Visit Theme Parks or Public Parks
Find Scenic Spots for posing around Tokyo

Based on your requests, we can go anywhere you like to take beautiful photos.

What to Expect:

Dare to travel in style? Have you ever wanted to have a beautiful and glamorous set of travel photos?

Look no where no more.

Dare to hire a hip, fashionable, creative and active tour guide who can really give your travel or tour a spin by providing you a really cool set of fun, glamorous and memorable photos of you taken by a professional photographer while you carelessly enjoy your "Japan moments".

Let me freeze those memories for you while you are busy having a good time.

Thus, the "Japan Destination - Photo Shoot / On-Site Photography / Pictorial and Tours Service.

This service is similar to popular pre-nup / wedding or fashion pictorial packages that usually exist in the wedding industry in most countries.

However, I feel that there is a need for Japan Destination / On-site Coverage / Pictorial / Fashion Photography services that I want to create and popularize here in Japan.

Starting with my downline dream team of creatives bred and nurtured with love in the Philippines and now making a name for themselves here in Japan, you can now avail of such services while you enjoy your vacation here in Japan. Whether it is for your pre-nup needs or post-wedding or honeymoon coverage needs, family or personal needs, count on me to preserve your memories forever.

So essentially, you just need to hop on the plane for you or with your partner and come as you are. No need to arrange for the travel visas, airplane tickets, accomodations and other expenses or fees of your photographer from your country or arrange for the whole trip for your whole entourange.

You can just come here in Tokyo and save more time in preparation and headache and let me execute your dream photo-shoot. Surely the best way to enjoy and savor each moment with your loved ones, stress-free and hassle-free!

If you have specific requests and particular plans, I will do my best to arrange for solutions to accommodate your needs and these special requests. Feel free to discuss with me.



Tour and photography / photo-shoot services. Transportation to your location and to the site locations shall be shouldered by the client.

Take Photos around the location/s until the time is up.

I will send you the edited / enhanced photos within 3 - 10 days later via a dropbox downloadable gallery link where you can get the edited and RAW photos taken. As a standard, for this whole set package. I will choose 30 cuts that will be edited and sent to you along with the complete RAW files. Extra photo edits are available for an extra fee.

Video Editing for a digest of the shoot coverage is available for $500~ per reel. (Around 2 minutes more or less)

Extra equipment can rented, prepared and be readied for use depending on the scale of your request / scope of work. Please ask for a detailed quote during the consultation phase. I can prepare for a large-scale project and editorial fashion shoot or campaigns, so please do consult with me extensively about your whole idea so we can give you a proper assessment, costing and quotation to make your dream project feasible "right here - done here" in the dream land of the many that is Japan.

Drone shots and clips can be also taken but with additional service charges and fees and ultimately depends on the location (may be or not be possible at all).

For the full-day work schedule, there will be a mandatory break of 30 minutes in between the whole session.

We can also recommend that you set your hair and make-up before coming for the photo-session. However if you need one, we may be able to suggest somebody and someone and refer a professional to your needs. Please consult if needed. On-site Hair and make-up and personal assistant starts from $300.

Please consult directly to discuss your plans and the budget so we can find solutions to your needs.


Did this tour suggestion spark something inside you? Any other ideas or questions about customizing one?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your specifications and requests and we will be happy to carefully suggest a great itinerary to suit your needs or schedule. We are happy to be are your best service!


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