TOKYO FASHIONISTA - Shop 'Til You Drop (Personalized Shopping and Styling Tour)

TOKYO FASHIONISTA - Shop 'Til You Drop (Personalized Shopping and Styling Tour)


You can hire me to accompany you doing shopping all over Tokyo. Tell me what you want to buy and find and let us dig all the streets of Tokyo in finding your "Japan finds". I can give you on the spot recommendations on where to get and buy what. I can serve as your personal assistant and stylist.

Examples are:

1) Luxury Brand and Bags / Jewelry Shopping
2) Fashion Shopping

Ginza Shopping Area
Shinjuku / Harajuku / Shibuya Shopping Area
Ueno Shopping Area

What to Expect:

If you are not comfortable in shopping alone in this Tokyo Megacity and need somebody who can accompany and fuel your needs to splurge. Look no further, I am your companion and can help you indulge in your needs to shop until you drop. If you are looking for bargain deals and wants a negotiator to be with you all the while you are shopping for your best finds, then I am the perfect assistant who can help you fulfill that mission.

Hire me and leave the guiding and bargaining so you can concentrate on shopping. Surely you will enjoy tagging me along to carry your shopping bags and steals and I will support all of your whims and self-gratification needs.


Of course, you will need to shoulder your shopping expenses : ) The fees here are for my professional guiding and negotiating skills and company only. I can treat you to a crepe or ice-cream after you finish your shopping spree.

Please bring enough cash as some stores or shops may not be able to accept credit cards or some types of credits cards. There might be some downtime for credit card terminals in rare instances so please kindly be prepared with other payment options as well.

Harajuku Omotesando Hills Tokyo ShoppingTokyo Fashion Styling Tour


Did this tour suggestion spark something inside you? Any other ideas or questions about customizing one?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your specifications and requests and we will be happy to carefully suggest a great itinerary to suit your needs or schedule. We are happy to be are your best service!


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