Saitama Bonsai Museum and "Little Kyoto" Kawagoe Day Walking Tour

Saitama Bonsai Museum and "Little Kyoto" Kawagoe Day Walking Tour


We will have a morning day trip and visit the Bonsai Village, located in Omiya, Saitama, where we can stroll the town feeling at one with nature. It is a very peaceful and meditative tour because we can feel deeply connected with nature and the community of Bonsai nurseries making up the village. Will learn about the history of Bonsai and its important place in Japanese culture. In the afternoon, we will go to Kawagoe, the place known as the "Little Kyoto" of Kanto - which I consider as Saitama's hidden gem and charm.

What to Expect:

This is a very local tour that will showcase the highlights of the traditional side of Saitama. An under-rated place up north of Tokyo. This is a good field trip to experience visiting many local Bonsai nurseries / growers and talk with the master craftsmen and their family or apprentices - all of whom have been faithfully protecting this fantastic Japanese cultural element of growing Bonsai over the generations.

Being able to learn how to appreciate this long-standing craft can make somewhat connect deeper with the Japanese culture and psyche. Bonsai culture is considered a pillar of what we have come to know as the Japanese "Zen" aesthetic taste. It transcends the boundaries between nature and the philosophy behind growing each plant this way.

We will be able to carefully observe before our eyes many bonsai creations that have been cultivated and care for hundres of years and are considered Living Treasures of Japan.


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