Personalized Tokyo Family-Friendly Day Tour

Personalized Tokyo Family-Friendly Day Tour


The concept of this package is for me to conduct a family-friendly tour - which means I am focused on building rapport within the family group while doing the tour itself. I will take special consideration of the children, old members of the family in detailing / planning for your tours and the overall movement of the group. I will put more emphasis on creating a solid and fun experience for all.

If needed and the group is more than 4 people. I might tag along an assistant guide to help out.

What to Expect:

Based on the preferences of the family, I will consider including activities or visiting spots aimed at maximizing the overall movement of the family group, considering the total family harmony in enjoying the scenic places of Tokyo with the idea of fostering deeper connection and belongingness among the participating members.

I will be more extra considerate in terms of the movement so that nobody will be left out in the group and that everybody will have fun along with the whole family.

Basically, you can leave everything to tell, just tell me your preferences, requests and other places you feel visiting and let me come up with a feasible and beautiful plan to fit your style and tastes.

Being a professional photographer, I can take a couple of beautiful photos as well for you as remembrance of the trip. (For photo-focused requests and services, I offer professional photos and documentary as a service upgrade. Please inquire about the rates and fees separately).

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Arakurayama Sengen Park
tokyo family day tour


Did this tour suggestion spark something inside you? Any other ideas or questions about customizing one?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your specifications and requests and we will be happy to carefully suggest a great itinerary to suit your needs or schedule. We are happy to be are your best service!



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