Mind-blowing "DEEP TOKYO / JAPAN" - Night Life Tour

Mind-blowing "DEEP TOKYO / JAPAN" - Night Life Tour


This tour is for audiences who are eager to explore the DEEP TOKYO or DEEP JAPAN thru different forms of nightlife entertainment for adults and couples. This is not meant to be a dirty topic or what but somewhat a window to another dimension of looking at the Japanese society and understanding its own quirks and uniqueness.
We will use Freudian-style of pyscho-analysis on the socio-cultural workings beneath and over the seemingly blank faces of the Japanese people and explain how come a country so bounded and restricted from within has become a super advanced and modern country that we everybody in the planet kind of admire in terms of cool-ness and being open. How come it has become the no. 1 spot in the list of countries most wanted to visit in the whole world. Truly, Japan is a mystique and it is our mission to debug and understand it from a unique perspective by inspecting the Japan behavior during at night.
I can tailor-fit visits to such places where you can connect with the locals and eagerly meet them for some sort of cultural exchange and communication while I share my insights about the peculiarity/behavior of the locals from the prying eyes of an outsider as a foreigner myself.

Just think that you are being with a VICE underground reporter that can guide you thru all forms of underground and night life in Tokyo safely.

Shinjuku Kabukicho Area
Shibuya Dogenzaka Area
Ueno / Okachimachi Area

What to Expect:

I welcome anyone and do not discriminate based on your orientation and preferences. You can either inform me about your preferences or ideas on what to "discover" in Tokyo if you have done your light research beforehand. Tokyo can be daunting, especially if you cannot act like a local and speak Japanese when you visit such places which are normally not written on guide books nor described in detail online, but with an experienced guide who can delve deep into such worlds here in Japan, you can only expect quality narration and guidance towards the appreciation of this tour genre. These are some of the most requested places that I get to guide and where I can accompany you as well.

1) Visit night clubs and serve as your guide and interpreter as you try to immerse yourself in the local nightlife culture.
2) Visit niche bars or show pubs which showcase different forms of wholesome and niche entertainment.

We don't want to breed misunderstanding about this topic and I hope to serve as an eye-opener in that sense in helping carve a nice, fair and balanced image of Japan in terms of explaining the underlying reasons and justifications for such cultural behavior and inclinations towards what we as "foreigners" normally observe as peculiar towards the Japanese.


Please keep in mind that the client/s or parties shall shoulder all the expenses, both entrance fees and incurred fees, when visiting such places ( night clubs/bars ). Food and drinks to be shared shall be borne by the hiring party as well. This tour is for cultural orientation and education purposes mainly so we will not be heavily drinking so as to appreciate the brief orientation and purpose of this tour.

If you have anything in particular that you want to explore and see or visit, please inform me beforehand and I can tailor fit everything to your time and needs. 

Private Shows:

I can arrange for any sort of deep and cultural private show that you may be interested to watch. If you want to deepen your Japan experience, allow me to customize and design original tour ideas for you or your party. To give you an idea about the cost of the above 2-hours Shibari Bondage private show to a group of visiting artists from Europe was at $9,500~.

Tokyo Private Shibari Bondage Performance

Did this tour suggestion spark something inside you? Any other ideas or questions about customizing one?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your specifications and requests and we will be happy to carefully suggest a great itinerary to suit your needs or schedule. We are happy to be are your best service!


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