Ikki Ocampo: A Profile

Ikki Ocampo: A Profile

Deep Japan Consultant and Tour Designer. Japanophile. Stem Cell Evangelist and Advocate.

If you are looking for an extra-ordinary guide and intellectual companion to join you in your Japan travel or adventures, look nowhere further. I am here to offer my 20+ years of experience and wisdom of living and working here to help you unravel, decipher and appreciate Japan in all of its being unique and charm.

Most of the stereotype tours offered and available in the market could seem pretty boring unless the guide or companion is eloquent, experienced, witty, knowledgeable and sensitively interactive with the guest/s. For this reason, I take pride in being outstanding in connecting with my clients and guests in ways that transcends that of being banal and regular.

I am very flexible in terms of becoming your personal concierge or professional butler with a flavor of being a close friend and confidant at the same time. I could accompany you in your random plans, may it be a hike to go up the mountains of Koya-san to meditate with the monks or show you around the hidden hot springs towns of Beppu, Oita in Kyushu. You can leave all the groundwork planning and coordinating with me as I can do impromptu tours at your requests during the duration of the trip.

We could rent a car, drive along the coastline of Atami, Shonan, or Izu and camp-out somewhere in the wilderness and experience local Japanese hospitality while enjoying the beautiful touristy and rural places along the way. Or we could just eat spicy ramen in one of the nostalgic alleys in Asakusa.

I sincerely hope to become a part and highlight of your Japan Rejuvenation journey as you undergo a de-stressing journey starting with a generous and powerful Kintaro Stem Cells treatment boost and show you wonderful things around. It is my objective to make you relax, make you recharge your body and soul as part of the wellness medical tourism program goals of this initiative.

Personally, I would suggest to take a rural trip outside Tokyo, to experience the suburbs, nature and enjoy the amazing hot springs the country has to offer. So whatever your mood and plans are, I could be an excellent guide and companion to help you feel happy about the whole trip.

If in case you may need anything from Japan, I can also help you source anything that you may be needing or wanting from this exciting country with lots of cool things to offer as inspirational objects for you when you get home. 

Whenever you need a soul-ful recharge or a creative boost - to uplift your weary and tried self - come to Japan and allow me to help you discover your inner peace and heal your spirit and soul.

Ikki Ocampo
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