"HYPE TOKYO" - Dope Japanese Street Fashion & Shopping Tour

"HYPE TOKYO" - Dope Japanese Street Fashion & Shopping Tour


The theme of this tour is for me to accompany you discover the niche shops and stores that are either hidden and / or scattered all over Tokyo or nearby locations. I can accompany you in discovering these truly one-of-kind Tokyo styles and hypes. So if you are a fashionista or interested in getting to know deeper the Tokyo Fashion scene then hit me up and let us set on foot - scampering all over.

What to Expect:

You can expect me to be your personal guide and assistant while I bring you and show you around for really cool shops and spots to shop and find something that is very "Japan" or "Tokyo". Discover Japanese street fashion while I share / orient you about its origins and exchange ideas with witty discussions about what is considered as the "Japanese style".

The theme of this is mainly young, hip and urban hype-fashion and perfectly fits the active type of tourist who wants to explore the town with someone who can be equally fashionable and knowledgeable about the local scene.

Depending on your particular requests, you can be an observer or a hands-on tourist if you wish - we can either look around these fashionista spots and enjoy strolling and observing around or we can find or join related activities such as workshops or events where you can participate based on your specific type of genre. I can hook you up to meet with local artists, designers or craftsmen if the conditions and timing are great as well.


You can tell me your preferences and style or tastes and I can tailor-fit an itinerary to fill your hearts out and full.

Although the above are just suggestions, you can always forward me your "wish list" and I can put up an itinerary and work out the route and scheduling for you while serving as your friendly chaperone and guide. I would appreciate if you have some specifics I could work on making this tour work for you then.


Did this tour suggestion spark something inside you? Any other ideas or questions about customizing one?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your specifications and requests and we will be happy to carefully suggest a great itinerary to suit your needs or schedule. We are happy to be are your best service!


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