Japanese Antique / Ancestral "Kominka" House Cafe Tour

Japanese Antique / Ancestral "Kominka" House Cafe Tour


Kominka literally means "old houses" and lately, there is a growing vintage lifestyle and antiques appreciation among the young Japanese. In this tour, we will explore and go on a Japanese "Kominka" or 古民家 Cafe Tour around Tokyo and Saitama. In a day, we can probably go around 4-5 cafes which surely will awaken your zen senses and make you learn to appreciate the roots of Japanese culture.

What to Expect:

In this unique and niche appreciation tour, we will discover the hidden gems of modern Japan which are the antique, vintage and old-style cafes / inns / galleries / art houses which are collectively known as "Kominka Cafes". Based on your area request, I can show you on foot or by car these places where you can really feel becoming a local and not having a typical "touristy" thing during your stay here in Japan. We will mingle and explore with the host-owners of the cafe and learn about their background as to why they decided to use these "kominka" houses as venues for their foodie or artsy ventures.

This is not your typical tour where you go on mainstream tourist spots, but however, it will feel like you are on a nostalgic time lapse trip to the past, feeling the crispy vibes of the Japanese style of living in the retro and modern respects.

Kominka Galleries and Cafes are considered to be hip and "oshare" ( おしゃれ or お洒落 in Japanese ). There is a growing trend among the young Japanese to be paying tributes and respects to this Japanese tradition of preserving them and combining them with modern elements in offering a new kind of "modern lifestyle" that is at peace with their past and roots.

You can expect to feel very at home and comfortable with this kind of tour as we will just go on a joy-ride or drive and walk in discovering the beautiful and peaceful ambience of these modern power-spot abodes scattered in the Tokyo and nearby suburbs as well.


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