Non Healing Wounds

Non Healing Wounds


Stem cell therapy has shown promise in the treatment of non-healing wounds. Non-healing wounds, also known as chronic wounds, are wounds that do not progress through the normal stages of healing within a reasonable timeframe.

Here are some ways in which stem cell therapy might be explored for the treatment of non-healing wounds:

  1. Tissue Regeneration: Stem cells have the potential to differentiate into various cell types, including skin cells. Researchers are investigating whether stem cell therapy could promote the regeneration of healthy skin tissue and accelerate wound healing.

  2. Angiogenesis: Some stem cells secrete growth factors that promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). Improved blood circulation to the wound area can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, supporting wound healing.

  3. Cellular Communication: Stem cells secrete various growth factors and signaling molecules that can stimulate nearby cells to participate in the healing process. This communication can help coordinate the different stages of wound healing.

  4. Immune Modulation: Stem cells might have the ability to modulate the immune response in the wound area, reducing inflammation and creating an environment conducive to healing.

  5. Combination Therapies: Stem cell therapy might be used in combination with other wound care treatments, such as dressings, antibiotics, and debridement, to enhance overall wound healing.

  6. Personalized Treatment: Stem cell therapy offers the potential for personalized treatment approaches. Stem cells could be derived from a patient's own body (autologous) or from a donor (allogeneic), depending on individual factors.


If Kintaro Stem Cells® Therapy and Treaments are carried at an earlier stage, there is a great chance that any serious invasive surgery or more expensive and risky medical procedures can be preventive if cellular regeneration and improvement or cure of the symptons can be observed immediately.

People who undergo invasive surgery can be really helped by Kintaro Stem Cells® in terms of the speed and quality of recovery providing an overall health support to allow the body repair itself in the most natural ways as much as possible using powerful and ethically-sourced stem cells developed by our company, Kintaro Cells Power.

Surely, stem cells therapy can not be still considered as the perfect cure or solution for this type of disease or medical issue right now but, one of the choices you can now make to possibly improve and prevent the serious advancement / onset of any of the above disorders and diseases by giving your immune system a boost (while there is still time) is to undergo treatment with the Kintaro Stem Cells® / KINTARO Cells® Japan VIP Rejuvenation Program.

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